Post: The Challenges of Designing Bottle Silk Screens

The Challenges of Designing Bottle Silk Screens

Designing silk screens for any purpose comes with its challenges, but certain applications pose more difficult challenges than others. One of those challenging applications is designing for bottle silk screens. At Northeast Silk Screen, we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing silk screens for all applications that are of the highest quality and result in clear, crisp prints. To do that for an application such as bottle silk screens, we first have to anticipate the challenges and account for them in our designs.


In this article, we’re going to look at the challenges that come with making bottle silk screens and how we work around them.


Surface Variability

Bottles have curved surfaces, which can make applying screen-printed images evenly tricky. The silk screen has to be designed with the curved surface in mind so the images do not stretch or warp. Bottles also come in multiple sizes and shapes. Many products in the same line or from the same brand will be printed with the same images but on various surfaces. When we make silk screens for bottles, we design them so that they can be used on multiple types of bottles. This saves the customer both time and money.


Color Consistency

In addition to bottles coming in multiple shapes and sizes, they also come in multiple colors. When making the graphic design for the silk screen, it’s best to pick colors that will show up clearly on multiple colors. You also want to stick to a limited color palette. That helps keep your images clear and your labels legible. Additionally, it saves money when you’re ready to send your images for printing, as you will have to pay for the use of fewer inks.


Repeatability and Consistency

The labels screen printed onto bottles are almost always printed in bulk, so the design needs to be conducive to multiple printings. Crafting a design that accounts for variations in the printing process will help to ensure that the finished product remains consistent across repeated printings.


Bottle Silk Screens Designed by Northeast Silk Screen

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