Cosmetic Printing


Design and Print
Cosmetic Labels

Cosmetics labels need to convey information about what is inside the container while still being attractive to the customers browsing the shelves. The label artwork must be a marriage of form and function. The logo, usage instructions, and ingredient list must as be printed on many different surfaces, including plastic and glass, rigid bottles and jars, and flexible tubes. Screen printers often have to fit all the necessary information in a relatively small space.

Our cosmetic customers rely on the team at Northeast Silk Screen for both design and production services. We have worked with some of the biggest names in cosmetics to develop instantly recognizable brands. Our in-house design team works with our clients to create custom graphic art and production art for all the products across their brand. We use 10-20 screens at once, allowing us to fill bulk orders quickly, even if the order requires millions of units. Contact our team to learn more about our capabilities and on-site services.