Military Printing


Screen Printing for
Military Applications

The military has relied on screen printers since the Second World War. Screen printers produced everything from propaganda posters to aircraft decals. Today, screen printers still do many of the same things for the military that they did in the 1940s. The durability and precision that only screen printing can achieve are invaluable assets for all branches of the military. Screen printers can take any text or drawing and make it printable on planes, missiles, ships, guns, and other military equipment and vehicles.

At Northeast Silk Screen, we contract with multiple branches of the military to create custom decals, overlays, and graphics. Our screens are made with the highest level of precision so that no detail of an image is compromised when it is printed. Previously, our projects have included missiles and Navy guns. Contact our team for examples of our past projects and for more information on our services and capabilities.