Post: What to Consider When Designing Bottle Silk Screens

What to Consider When Designing Bottle Silk Screens

Every silk screen project comes with its own set of requirements and challenges. At Northeast Silk Screen, we always take into account the specifics of the projects when we design and silk screen or plate. When it comes to designing bottle silk screens, there are many things we have to consider as we create our designs.


Here are three questions to keep in mind when designing bottle silk screens.


Does the design match your current branding?

This applies to all silk screen designs, so we think it is a good place to start. Whether your company is a well-known major brand or a small local business, you want your customers to recognize your products right away. Stick with the colors that you already use for your logos, marketing materials, and other products. However, you also want those colors to contrast with the color of the bottle so that your customers can easily read the text and see the images printed on the bottle.


How will the design look on the bottle?

Designing a label to print on a bottle differs from designing for flat items like boxes or paper labels. Bottles are curved, which can both distort the image and limit how much of the label a customer can see when the item is sitting on a shelf. When designing what you will screen print onto the bottle, you want to limit the important information to the area that can be easily seen. You also want to stay away from any designs that will look different when printed on a curved surface. The lettering is also important. You want to choose colors and fonts that show up on the bottle and are easy to read.


Will the production process affect the design?

Silk screen printing is a pretty impressive process, but it does have its limits. You will want to confer with the printer and find out the number of colors you can use and how they will show up once printed. Complex designs can also pose a problem for screen printing.


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