Post: Label Artwork: 3 Tips for Cosmetic Labels

Label Artwork: 3 Tips for Cosmetic Labels

When it comes to making cosmetic labels, it’s all about creating your brand. And Northeast Silk Screen is here to help you during the process. This month, we’re discussing a few tips to consider before you start the process of creating cosmetic labels. When you need to create label artwork for cosmetic products, you can count on us to guide you in the right direction!

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Research Trends and Standards

It’s essential to look into other successful cosmetic brands and determine why their branding and labels might be doing well. Try to think about the planning that may have taken place to produce the labels you like and how the products are marketed. Looking into what products sell the most or are trending is also a great way to get inspired!

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Decide on a Focal Point

Just as it’s important to include information on the ingredients, regulatory information, and other necessary details, ensuring you have a focal point when it comes to the design of your label is crucial. Having something that draws the customer in is the first step in getting them interested in your product. Knowing your demographics and target audience is also an essential key in narrowing down your path for your label artwork.

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Consider the Materials for Your Labels

Another vital factor in designing your cosmetic labels is deciding on the appropriate materials used for them. If your product is oily, you’ll want to ensure the label will be able to endure any potential contact with that oil. Do you have a product that is typically used in the shower or with water? Consider something like a weatherproof label material so that it will be long-lasting. Accommodating to these factors will result in an appearance of a high-quality product, as opposed to labels that don’t last through product usage. 


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