Post: How We Manufacture Commercial Silk Screens

How We Manufacture Commercial Silk Screens

When it comes to creating eye-catching custom-printed products, nothing quite matches the vibrancy and precision of silk screen printing. At Northeast Silk Screen, we pride ourselves on being a leading commercial silk screen manufacturer, offering top-notch screen printing solutions for businesses, organizations, and individuals seeking high-quality, customized products.


We have a detailed process as a commercial silk screen manufacturer. Let’s take a look at the steps.


Step 1: Design Creation

At the heart of our process lies innovative design creation. Whether you have a digital masterpiece or a hand-drawn concept, our skilled design team can translate your vision into a graphic design that captures the essence of your brand or idea.


Step 2: Color Separation

For designs with multiple colors, we separate each color into individual layers. This meticulous color separation ensures that each shade is accurately represented and precisely transferred onto the final product. Each color layer is treated as a separate entity, allowing the screen printer to achieve stunning multicolored effects.


Step 3: Screen Coating

The foundation of our process starts with coating fine mesh screens with a light-sensitive emulsion. This emulsion acts as the canvas for your design, hardening upon exposure to light and creating a stencil that will guide the ink application.


Step 4: Exposure

Exposing the coated screens to UV light is where the magic truly happens. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that the emulsion hardens only in areas exposed to light. This process allows the intricate details of your design to come to life while maintaining the integrity of each color layer.


Step 5: Washing Out

Washing out the unexposed emulsion reveals the pattern that will shape your final product. Our skilled technicians take great care in this step, ensuring the stencils are clean and clear for flawless ink transfer.


Step 6: Drying

After washing, we delicately dry the screens. This step sets the stage for the upcoming printing process, ensuring that the screens are ready to deliver exceptional results.


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At Northeast Silk Screen, we believe that every custom product tells a unique story. Our commitment to precision, quality, and innovation drives us to master every step of the silk screen creation process. We can create silk screens for printing on virtually any surface or material.


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