Customer Service

Customer Service
Quality Control

Our Customers are:

  • Commercial printers
  • Plastic bottle manufacturers and/or distributors
  • Plastics decorators
  • Molders
  • Metal Fabricators
  • Painters and Finishers

We at Northeast Silk Screen, Inc. pride ourselves on our Customer Service. Our philosophy is that our job is to provide the customer with whatever tools are necessary to complete a project with as much accuracy as possible. Our customers know that they can rely on us to meet strict deadlines, and to always ask if any aspect of a project is not clear. Our goal is to complete a project once: correctly.

When you call Northeast Silk Screen, Inc. you will be directly connected to a person capable of assisting you with whatever question you may have. Our staff is knowledgeable and personable. We strive to accommodate your needs.

Our President and Founder, Ed Davis, a mechanical engineer, started in the industry by designing screen printing machines. His insight and problem solving techniques are a valuable resource to all our customers.

Our prices are competitive and our service is unbeatable.