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Quality Control

We provide quality printing screens using whatever frame material is optimal for the job at hand.

  • Our workhorse frame material is a rolled aluminum frame. This frame is suitable for most automatic machines and is ideal for high-volume runs of plastic containers.
  • Our drop screen (offset) is used to print close to obstructions. This screen is perfect for bucket and pail printers as it fits the automatic machines for those containers.
  • Metal fabricators who must contend with parts which have installed hardware will find the offset (drop) frame material solves many headaches.
  • Our heavy duty frames are used for large parts or by the printer who likes a substantial aluminum frame.
  • Our square aluminum is a hollow frame used where tight registration or a large inkwell is required


Our large selection of mesh covering the range from coarse to fine in both nylon and polyester will suit whatever printing need you may have. Due to our volume, we keep a large inventory. You need only to explain your requirements and we will custom make a screen to your specifications. If you require assistance in determining the correct mesh for a particular job, we can provide the technical know-how.