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High end printing requires high end graphics. Northeast Silk Screen is a multi-faceted graphic design house. We will develop your artwork into a final product for decoration, be it for silk screen, for plate or pad printing, or for labels.

As Designers, we will assist you in creating artwork from an idea, from a sketch, or from blueprints. As an After-Design service provider, we will accept artwork from disk or electronically. When necessary we have the capability to modify your art to produce the highest quality print.

Northeast Silk Screen computer artists utilize both MAC and PC platforms:

Our PC Programs:
Our MAC Programs:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator
Corel Draw


Corel/Micrografx Designer
Quark Express

We maintain a superior font library, with thousands of fonts for both PC and MAC.

When forwarding files electronically, please advise in a cover letter all available information, including the program and version number used to create the file, and any special instructions. MAC files should be sent with all appropriate fonts (both screen and printer). Hard copies of art should be faxed to (603) 889-2187 for our proofing purposes.

If artwork has been created in one of the major programs, the file should be sent in that program format. Not only will this assure the highest resolution, it will allow for the most effective file manipulation.

Please remember that .jpg and bitmap files are never appropriate for artwork. They are files meant for viewing on a monitor and will not print to a high resolution output.

Please contact Bonnie Lawrence with specific questions, concerns, comments, or to obtain our artwork guidelines.